c’mon, let’s just enjoy ourselves!

Posted: December 1, 2012 in believing, Fox "news", funny shit
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Memo to people who get their panties all in knots about the apparent “war on Christmas.”   (read:  FOX “news.”)  Three things:

1) Every time we make this season about consumerism, we beat the crap out of Christmas.  So unless you’re going to skip that part of the holiday, I ask you to leave the rest of us alone.

2) The word “holiday” (as in “happy holidays”) comes from the Old English word for “holy day” and has been around since the 12th century. So you can ease up on that, too.

And 3) How about if we all just enjoy the season in whatever ways we can? Lighten up!


Have some fun, hang out with friends and family, drink some spiked eggnog, worship in a way that’s meaningful for you, shop locally and give some gifts, bake/make something, watch “Elf,” do a secret kindness, write a check to an outfit that’s trying to save the world, renew a broken friendship, give some grace. Let’s practice being our better selves this month.
Happy December 1st!   Enjoy!
  1. […] more note:  FOX news’ “war on Christmas” is a freak show.   Has anyone told them that the word “holiday” – as in “happy […]

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