the million dollar cross versus hungry kids…which would you support?

Posted: December 5, 2012 in believing, fundamentalism, health care
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I work with a program called The Hope Project ( We are struggling financially. For around $5,500 a month we are employing 35 teachers and staff and educating 1,000 kids. But we are only bringing in around $3,500 a month. And for a few more thousand a month we could even do more – we could feed these kids one meal a day…for most of these kids that would be a 100% increase in their number of daily meals. And these Christians spent 1 million dollars on a cross. These kinds of things make me want to cry with frustration.


  1. Joe says:


  2. Daryl Wilks says:

    Seriously. I’ve often felt the same way about how millions and millions of dollars are pumped into political campaigns of one sort or another – imagine the lives that could be saved and improved!

  3. Patti Criss says:

    This is one of my many struggles with organized religion and churches. I don’t remember Jesus building one building or chapel.

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