Fox New’s freakout over Jack Lew’s signature, the Muppets, the Lorax…whatever…

Posted: January 15, 2013 in Fox "news", politics


From a recent Mother Jones article, by Asawin Suebasaeng.  This is a fun read…and be sure to click on all the links – they’re even better than the actual story. (Especially the Muppets and the Christmas Card links!)


You’ve probably heard by now that Jack Lew—the wonky White House chief of staff and President Obama’s pick for next Treasury secretary—has quite the funky signature.

So strangely fascinating, so acrobatically whorling is his signature (pictured above), that it has taken on a life of its own since the announcement of Lew’s nomination—after all, Treasury secretaries’ signatures tend to end up on American currency: Lew’s now-famous John Hancock has already inspired a meme, the Jack Lew Signature Generator, a billow of snarky Tweets, a camp of people maligning the signature as terrible, a competing camp praising the signature as awesome, this gorgeous Reddit thread, and this joke from the president.

It also inspired a mild-to-moderate freakout from the people over at Fox News.

First, there was this on Friday:

Screen shot 2013-01-14 at 2.03.28 PM

From the piece by reporter Cristina Corbin: “Dianne Peterson, a handwriting expert based in Tennessee, agreed that the squiggly autograph shows Lew cares little about others’ opinion of him.”

And then this happened the next day – CLICK HERE.

That was an edition of Fox & Friends last Saturday morning in which Daily Caller editor-in-chief Tucker Carlson, Alisyn Camerota, and Mike Jerrick spent an entire segment interviewing Michelle Dresbold, the Pittsburgh handwriting expert and author of the 2006 book Sex, Lies, and Handwriting. (Dresbold is also known for trying to uncover the identity of Jack the Ripper and concluding that he was an abortionist from Rochester, N.Y. She also weighed in on Casey Anthony’s handwriting.) Here’s a snapshot of their odd discussion:

Dresbold: [Jack Lew’s signature is] repetitive, and what that means is the person is compulsive, they can’t stop, their hand keeps repeating and repeating. So when [Lew] thinks about something, he thinks about it over and over and over again, and can never let go.

Jerrick: But because his signature’s loopy, doesn’t mean he’s particularly loopy, does it? I mean…

Dresbold: It might, but I don’t think he is…The thing you also want to notice is you absolutely cannot read anything in it, not one letter. And when you cannot read a signature it means that person does not want to give you any information about their personal life at all.

Jerrick: You can really read a person’s personality by a signature?

Dresbold: Oh, definitely…

(Well, actually, no, no you can’t, but whatever.)

Fox & Friends on Monday brought on bloviating ignoramus and reality-TV star Donald Trump, who also started talking about Signaturegate, and how Lew’s signature showed the future Treasury secretary to be “unbelievably secretive.”

In the recent past, Fox has had larger freakouts over things like The Lorax, a dog in a Christmas card, and the rabid leftism of Muppets.   So there you go.

  1. Bruce Baker-Rooks says:

    I don’t put much stock in handwriting analysis, especially since I write with a backhand, (I’m right-handed, but my writing looks as though I must be left-handed). Lew’s signature reminds me of that one little thread that is coming undone on your favorite sweater, and then it all just starts unravelling.

    • Carla says:

      It’s not Brinkmanship if there’s no real Brink No borrowing does NOT mean dafeult unless it’s deliberately played that way by Obama and his minions.Of every dollar that the treasury spends this month, forty cents will be borrowed…stop borrowing, and you can still pay out that 60 percent of the business-as-usual-amount which is actual revenue to cover Social security, military payroll, VA benefits, medicare, medicaid, and interest on the debt. Common sense dictates that No borrowing really doesn’t mean we dafeult on anything unless we keep spending like junkies buying heroin.Send the DC bureaucracy beyond that required to keep those programs paying on a furlough and you actually can continue along crisis-free while the healthy debate on the appropriate role of Government continues…while standing beside the shining example of what happens when the bulk of the non-essential bureaucrats don’t go to work…i.e., NOTHING BAD HAPPENS…Life goes on! Wow!Dump all the extraneous things like NPR, National endowments for the Arts and Humanities (gosh…that would mean someone can’t get paid for pissing in a jar with a crucifix or wrapping fabric around trees, or touting a revisionist history of WWII that paints US as the evil empire and if someone wants to listen to Clerk and Clark, the Tapout brothers, or Garrison Keillor on Hairy Prone Companion they can find them on the web, podcasts work…for small audiences like theirs), stop payments and grants to all NGO’s, defer all foreign aid payments (they’re unappreciated in most cases and line the pockets of dictators in too many places), and you just might find that we can actually live within our means while we dismantle Obamacare…Reply

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