Sunday thoughts #9: What Jesus said about homosexuality

Posted: January 27, 2013 in believing, funny shit, gay rights, gay stuff, human rights, religious laughs, sunday thoughts
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  1. Anonymous says:


    Are you saying that every word within the bible is not the Word of God?

  2. Do remember the story of healing the Centurion’s “pais”, a word used for a younger male lover.

  3. Torger Helgeland says:

    Considering that the standard Jewish view was abomination, why did that wimp keep his mouth shut? Read a little on Middle Eastern view on homosexuality though. Darn interesting. torg

  4. He fed a crowd of 5000, in a crowd that size there would have been merchants, poor men, tax collectors, whores, soldiers, innocents children wives and beggars., The devote and disbelievers. He fed them all. Now who else would have been in crowd that size who else was fed by Him?

  5. pat leach says:

    I am a progressive Christian. I recently read a post asserting that in Mark 10.5 Jesus says that marriage is between a man and a woman. Since there were homosexuals at that time and appeared in the new testament (healing the centurion’s boy(?)), how does one think about this passage?

    • Pure rubbish, ignoring context. First, Jesus is asked by pharisees about divorce. As the question is about straight marriage, gays are not being considered. Second, Jesus is quoting Genesis.

    • Toneby says:

      Actually Jesus says that when a man and woman marry and get divorced that they cannot in God’s eyes re-marry. Nor does Jesus say that a man cannot have more that one wife, which was common at that time. Nor does Jesus say a man must marry when he leaves his parents. Just a little food for thought Pat.

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