no wonder the Republicans are trying so hard to suppress the vote…

Posted: February 20, 2013 in politics
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voter suppression1Click here to see why Republicans don’t want people to vote.

They’ve reduced early voting days and hours; they’ve put up big billboards in minority neighborhoods implying that horrible, scary things could happen to you if you try to vote; they’ve given the wrong election day date on Spanish language publications; they’ve gerrymandered congressional districts; they’ve made your official voter ID card not a valid form of voter ID; they’re requiring new, never-before-required forms of ID before they allow people to vote; they’ve closed polling places down so that people have to wait in line for hours at a time (they’re hoping that people will get tired and go home – which is what roughly 200,000 people did last November); they’ve “purged” the voting lists of people who actually do have the right to vote. But why are they doing all this? What are they so afraid of?

Check out this chart….could this be what they’re afraid of?
Click HERE.

Then, the follow up question: WHY don’t the Republicans want minorities to vote? Click HERE and HERE

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