and that’s just HALF A WEEK! (the 10 top political stories from Monday, Tuesday and today!)

this weekAnd THIS WEEK in the news…

1. In Alaska – one house of the state legislature passed a law that threatens to arrest law enforcement officers if they try to enforce federal laws relating to gun control. They have decided that they won’t recognize national laws and that they will arrest anyone who tries to enforce them. Rep. Andy Josephson, an Anchorage Democrat, argued that the bill alaska gunsviolated the Constitution’s supremacy clause and wouldn’t hold up under legal scrutiny. He says he can’t support the bill because he sees it as a breach of his oath of office. In fact, Representative Josephson had to stop twice during his testimony to hold back tears as he passionately argued against what he called “secessionist talk.”

Our star is on the flag – we implored the USA to let us join them. I’m proud to be an American. I care deeply about my state, and I’m very proud to be an American. Very proud. (pause to hold back tears) I think this is secessionist talk.

vaginal ultrasound

2. Yesterday in Arkansas, the governor, Mike Beebe, vetoed an abortion ban that passed both chambers of the Republican- dominated legislature.

3. In Indiana the senate passed a forced vaginal ultrasound bill.

4. In Illinois Robin Kelly was elected as the Democratic nominee in a Chicago-area district to bidenreplace Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr, who was forced out in an ethics scandal. Kelly is a strong supporter of gun control, which helped her to beat her opponent who had been highly rated by the NRA. Vice President Biden argued today that the primary election victory of a gun control advocate to represent Illinois in Congress sends a message that voters won’t stand for inaction in response to shooting violence after the Connecticut school shooting.

5. Pennsylvania Republicans are trying to move ahead with a scheme to rig that state’s electoral votes. Several electoral riggingother states flirted with this idea recently, but gave up on it after intense push back from their constituents and the media. “The Republican Party is on the wrong side of the issues and instead of appealing to the growing electorate, they’re scheming to rig the election,” says Melanie Roussell, a spokeswoman for the Democratic National Committee. “The Republicans in the Pennsylvania House and Senate could push this legislation through both houses in a matter of days, while Republicans in Virginia, Ohio, Wisconsin and Florida have all come out against Electoral College vote rigging in their states.”

6. The US supreme court is hearing a challenge to the voting rights act. In a fast-paced, 70-minute argument, the court’s liberals and conservatives engaged in a sometimes tense back and forth over whether there is an ongoing need in 2013 for a key provision of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The measure requires states with a history of discrimination, mainly in the Deep South, to get approval before making changes in the way elections are held.

7. Republicans are threatening John Brennen’s nomination to run the CIA.

same sex marriage8. 75 republican lawmakers just signed a brief to the supreme court telling them to side WITH same sex marriage rights. These are Republicans!

9. Chris Christi just became the 8th Republican governor who previously said he wanted nothing to do with Obama care to sign his state up for Obama care’s provisions.

10. Talks with Iran over their nuclear program got underway yesterday.

And of course Congress is focusing on none of these real crises or real fights or opportunities for real progress. What Washington is dealing with is a self-imposed crisis – the automatic budget cuts happening this coming Friday. This is a crisis they could just end. This is a crisis that the White House and Congress agreed to previously and one that they now almost unanimously agree will be bad for the country – and all they have to do is repeal it.

If they don’t, hundred of thousands of jobs will be lost. In fact, within the next 20 days, hundreds of thousands of civilians associated with the military will be furloughed and/or have their salaries cut by 20%. Teachers, police officers and others will lose their jobs. Social service agencies will cut back or close. Thousands of government employees will lose their jobs. All this while we are just now finally climbing out of recession.

And why? Tune in..same article: “Less then 10% of Americans know the truth…”

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