some fun science “facts” from Objective Ministries Kidz

Posted: February 28, 2013 in bad science, believing, fundamentalism, funny shit, religious laughs, science-ish
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science fairThese are AWESOME! (Be sure to check out the anti-evolutionist boiling hot beetle butt poison at the end…it’s my favorite.)

Question: Professor Giraffenstien, what are fossils, and where did they come from???
Answer: Fossils are the buried remains of the wicked men and animals that perished in the Flood 4,000 years ago.

Question: Hey Professor, haven’t dinos been extinct for millions of years???
Answer: Wrong, little buddy! Dinosaurs still walk on the land and swim in the seas! And the earth is less than 10,000 years old!LLL

Question: I saw in a secular movie that T-Rex was a vicious killing machine. Is that true???
Answer: NO! Secular movies lie! T-Rex was a herbivore. Its sharp teeth were used to shred plants. The Ark’s passengers were safe from harm!
Question: Were Neanderthals the “monkey men” Evolutionists keep talking about???
Answer: No! Neanderthals were humans with abnormal bone growth due to very advanced age and Flood-cloud-arkrelated rickets!
Question: My friend Bomby the Bombardier beetle can shoot boiling-hot toxic chemicals out of his butt! Why?
Answer: God gave your friend that ability for defense against evil and as a testament against the false doctrine of Evolution!

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