spiritual safety tip for kids: watch out for those grumpy atheists!

Posted: February 28, 2013 in believing, fundamentalism, funny shit, religious laughs
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A gem of truth from the web site:  www.objectiveministries/kidz/

Atheists are grumpy

  1. Steve Morris says:

    I am an atheist and I am very happy actually. And there’s plenty I believe in. Nor do I think I’ve got it all figured out. In fact, I realise that there’s an awful lot to figure out and that we humans have to do it for ourselves instead of reading it in a book.

  2. Torger Helgeland says:

    Innacurate, tho’ (yet good enough for kids, I guess). Atheist dude does believe in something: matter and energy. But does that require “belief” (same as “faith”) or just “acknowledgement” of what is seen. At the least he believes that his senses accurately sense physical reality. He also believes that human society can overcome our selfish, violent track record, I suppose…in order to not be grumpy… Now that IS faith. torger Helgeland

  3. allegro63 says:

    It assumes a kid would recognize an atheist if they encountered one. Its not like people put their religious status on their mailboxes. So grumpy is the tell huh?

    “Mrs. Belcher down the street is rather grumpy She yelled at us last year, when we used her driveway as the starting point for our sledding runs. She must be an atheist!”

  4. ronnie says:

    Christians aren’t like that, and by mocking them like they are, just makes you look foolish. You guys are really desperate, I see all these things that you make up about organizations that you don’t agree with, you do this to get people on your side. People can disagree on all sorts of issues, but let’s stick with the truth, by publishing phony things by Republicans,Christians, or whoever, and trying to pass it off like it’s legit is crooked, plain and simple.

  5. allegro63 says:

    Not all Christians are like that Ronnie, but some are. Some of the thing they have to say is not only incorrect, but is insulting to not only other Christians, but also non-Christians. Poking fun at things that people don’t agree with is a long held tradition, as it is often an apt method of getting people to realize the ridiculousness of someone’s claims, that picture an excellent case in point.

    In fact there is an example in the bible, Likely one of the first stand up comedians, in the form of an Old Testament prophet and the priests of Baal, during King Ahab;s time. Pure satirical comedy gold.

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