just saying…

Posted: March 14, 2013 in politics


  1. LateNight says:

    Congress should do the job they were elected to do… that doesn’t mean kow-towing to the one percent and asking their permission to blow their nose or wipe their butt… That doesn’t mean refusing to raise taxes to keep the country’s infrastructure from collapsing around them, and maybe even ON them, because they signed a pledge to some non-elected bigot and pawn of the one percent that they would never vote to raise taxes, even one penny, on the richest people in the country, who already have more money than they can spend in ten or twenty lifetimes but still want more …

    Their job … that means working together with ALL the other Congress critters AND the President, regardless of his political party or color, to make sure the poorest of the poor are not discarded on the trash heap of political expediency to the one percent… to make sure that ALL children have enough to eat, decent clothes to wear, a school that isn’t falling down around them, and parents who have a job that will provide a LIVING wage, not further poverty level wages that won’t even pay the rent in any city in the country, let alone buy food and clothing, or pay for transportation to and from work…

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