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Posted: March 29, 2013 in believing, doing good, gay rights, human rights, politics
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five-justices-appear-to-be-lining-up-against-doma-but-dont-count-your-chickens-yet-liberalsMost of us just once, maybe twice, in our entire lifetime have the opportunity to choose whether or not to come down on the right side of history.

This is your chance.  

This is your opportunity to choose to not come down on the side of the oppressors, the ones who would withhold human rights from people who are different than themselves, who believe that the old ways are the best ways, and who defend their “right” to treat other people as second class citizens, based on their own biases or religion.

Our country has done that many, many times, and guess what?  Love and justice ALWAYS eventually win.  And now here we are again, and we each have to choose to be on either the right or the wrong side of history.


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  1. I LOVE your blog. Truly love it.

  2. Torger Helgeland says:

    Such polarizing certainty, Mike. Why are you so certain…and right? torg

    • nash says:

      Good question, Torg. To me, it’s similar to when the Christians said black people FOR SURE could not marry white people. That was TOTALLY wrong, and God thought so true, and they were NOT going to compromise on this. And now they all (hopefully) feel really stupid. What do you think?

      • Torger Helgeland says:

        Bible says that now, in Christ, there is no distinction – no Jew or Gentile, slave or free, barbarian or Scythian…point being, seems to me those who were sure that blacks shouldn’t marry whites weren’t basing their conviction on the Bible. Or maybe they were, somewhere else in Bible in some more indirect way, unfortunately. Such is the weight of culturally traditional thinking, I suppose, and I bet they don’t feel stupid now, but enlightened, as in “At the time it seemed so clear and right, but now with societal changes shifting the light a bit , I can see what I was missing.” Which should wake us up to how our culture is influencing our bible interp.

        Yet isn’t this different than the homosexual issue? Bible doesn’t include gay or straight in the (Paul’s) examples of how Christ has done away with assumed sociological distinctions. All references to Homosexuality in Bible are negative and need to be dug into to discover possible ideas of how they didn’t distinguish tween the orientation and the behavior, or even know of the orientation , therefor the behavior is all bad, etc. I’ve read some of the christian gay stuff, but it’s simply different than the race issue. God never made any prescriptive statements about race, and our constitution is based on that “all men created equal” deal. The homosexual issue is simply messier and currently loaded with pc-ness, not a prescription for neutral public discussion.

        TThe DOMA issue. I think the traditionalists, esp. the christians I’ve listened to , make a solid point: Marriage is of old for society’s sake, not for self esteem issues. Kids do best with a mom and a dad etc. Sure, studies seem to be saying that kids of same sex parents are fine, but here’s what’s coming in 50 years. “Now we’re seeing that maybe there are some problems with same sex families that we didn’;t anticipate..” etc. Then Bible seems to be clear enough when Jesus re establishes traditional marriage in face of hard hearted quickie divorce among jewish men at time. “For this reason a man will leave his mother…” WHy can’t we assume that he would do the same with gay marriage?? Remember , he could have set em right about homosexuality at the time in face of no support for it, rather condemnation, in the scriptures, but he didn’t. Jesus, my friend, if you’re so sympathetic to the struggle for acceptance among gays, why didn’t you head this off at the pass???

        So that’s my deal. If use Bible to support DOMA you gotta bend over backwards and honor your feelings more than the text. If use majority rule to support it then go ahead if that’s what people want, just don’t call it biblical . I know you’re not so concerned with Bible as authority these days, but just trying to clarify argument.

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