please, John, explain it to me.

Posted: April 6, 2013 in economic policy, politics, Republicans
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One of the biggest lies that the right has been telling us – and we’ve been buying, no questions asked –  is that NOTHING right now is more important than fixing the “spending problem.”   The Republicans are willing to enact austerity measures (the same measures that crippled the economy in Europe) in order to “fix” this problem.   As far as these folks are concerned, this takes precedence over jobs, growth and economic stability.   It makes no sense.   625566_438344339588048_675940220_n

  1. Ford1968 says:

    Don’t you love the notion that deficit spending is an evil perpetrated by irresponsible people?! Any family that has a mortgage, a car loan, or debt from college has engaged in deficit spending. We invest in things that are going to be productive and grow in the future.

    • nash says:

      That is SO true, Ford. It frustrates me so much that the country has bought into this crap…that EVERYTHING ELSE (jobs, etc.) is secondary to making sure we don’t engage in deficit spending. Right now, more than anything, our country needs growth…not austerity.

  2. I hate that Boehner supposedly represents Ohio. He is an embarrassment to the state. His only concern seems to be himself and his cronies and preventing any positive action in the government.

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