the “gay onslaught” will start tomorrow!

Check out this New Zealand MP’s hilarious gay marriage speech. Thank you, Joseph Shaeffer, for sharing this with me – you embarrassed me by making me laugh out loud while standing in line for my made-to-order omelet this morning. Click HERE!!!!



Published by nash

I am curious about everyone and everything, know a lot about some things, a little about others, nothing about still others. I've got roughly half my life to go, and I want it to count, and be damn fun, too. I want to leave the world better than I found it, and grow and change myself in the process.

One thought on “the “gay onslaught” will start tomorrow!

  1. mmmmmm…….

    Marriage a God defined union between a man and a woman, what else will minority groups lobby for and take away from the great and good that is God provided.

    Perhaps we should not have the date reference based on the most selfless act in time perhaps the gay onslught could start with its day of the puppy in the month of the rainbow in the year of the flower.

    This insanity is only allowed to exist becasue of the general apathy to stand up for you beliefs.

    A sad day.

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