a versatile blogger award

Posted: April 29, 2013 in other stuff

download-1I’ve just been nominated for a versatile blogger award.  I didn’t even know bloggers had awards, and I’d certainly never heard of this one.  (I’ve only been doing this for a few months.)  I’m honored!  Thank you, Sreejit Poole, for the nod.  You can read his really interesting stuff at:


He just returned from India – good stuff!

The rules of the award say that I’m supposed to share 7 things about myself:

1.  Things that annoy me:  Automatic toilets that flush before you’re finished.  Tiny salad bowls at restaurants that make it impossible to toss your salad without half of it falling onto the table.  Splashy urinals.  People who say “right?” or “you know what I mean?” or “does that make sense” throughout everything they say to you, trying to force you to engage with them verbally while you’re listening.  Trying to use Word for Mac – it’s making me very angry.

2.  Things that make me happy:   Kindness from friends and strangers.  High mountain lakes.  Campfires.  Lattes.  “The Walking Dead” and “Homeland.”  Snow Patrol.  Eating/drinking/talking with my good friends. Holding my wife in my arms.  My kids’ sarcastic humor. Dilbert.  A well made gin and tonic.  Beautiful art.

3.  Things that make me angry:  Politicians who make decisions based on the money they get from special interests.  I’m livid, sometimes.  I often can’t even talk (or blog) about it, it makes me so mad.

4.  Things that make me confused:  Spirituality of all kinds.

5.  Things that embarrass me:  A few years ago I was running on a treadmill in a hotel fitness room at 5:30 in the morning.  I dropped my water bottle, forgot I wasn’t running outside under my own power, stopped to pick it up, and had my feet flung out from under me.  I landed face first on the moving treadmill and got a bit of a face shave.  Having to explain the scabs was embarrassing.   Two months ago I was looking at my phone while on the way to the bathroom during a break in a class I was teaching.  I went into the bathroom and stood at the sink, finishing up whatever I was doing on my phone, and two women came out of the stalls behind me and stopped cold when they saw me standing there.  These were women in my class.   I once ran into a friend of mine at the mall, who was with an older woman, and I asked, “Oh, hi!  Is this your mother?”  It was her sister.

6.  Things that worry me:  The Christian political right.  Corporations as people.  Money in politics.  Angry guys with guns.  The destruction of the environment.  My adult children experiencing the pain of life.

7.  Things I’m going to do today because I’m alive and life is good:  Hold my wife.  Blog.  Work outside in the garden/yard.  Read my Lee Child novel.  Have a latte.  Work stuff (6 hours). Text or call my kids.

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