no matter which side of the gun debate you’re on – please watch this!

Posted: May 7, 2013 in gun policy, politics, Republicans
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images-125Gun control advocates AND opponents – please watch this short clip.  And, those of you who are against background checks and other common-sense strategies – please share your arguments with us again.  I’m just not getting it.


John Oliver goes to Australia to confront the charlatans claiming to have effectively regulated guns, then quickly discovers that maybe some of the arguments from American anti-gun-control groups are flawed. All the arguments, to be more specific.

HINT:  Australia had almost one gun massacre per year until they instituted gun laws.  Since then they’ve had…wait for it…zero.  But wait, there’s more:  Homocide by gun has decreased significantly, as well.  So has suicide.  And I’m pretty sure 5-year olds aren’t shooting their baby siblings.  

Click HERE for part 2

  1. Torger Helgeland says:

    good video, but I bet there’s more to it and that the gun guy’s points actually do make sense to a degree in regard to the differences tween US an Australia. Well done for it’s purpose (laughs and winning the argument) , but is this guy’s argument the only thing the gun rights guys have? I suspect not. I’ve heard statistics from the gun rights guys that don’t sound insane. OK, so the proverb is true that one guy’s argument sounds great until you hear the other side. Point being, these videos may be entertaining and stimulating to some degree, but they aint the debate. I’m probly for more gun control, though. The gun rights guys seem to go too far. Torg

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