after a week of “scandals,” Obama approval rating is up

Posted: May 27, 2013 in Obama, politics
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574684_10151453350516275_1499953774_nThe Republicans are “outraged.”  Again.  And guess what?  Most people don’t care.

A low-level IRS employee in Cincinnati uses the key word “Tea Party” to find applicants for tax exempt status who might be engaging in too much political activity (gasp!)…and suddenly President Obama is “engaged in the worse scandal in American history.”

The intelligence agencies mistakingly believe that the Benghazi attack was partially motivated by an anti-Muslim video that had spawned protests at embassies all over the world, then correct themselves a few days later when more information comes in…and Obama is a murderer.

The Justice Department subpoenas AP phone records in an effort to stop a government leak that threatens toracist-tea-party derail a terrorist investigation.  Like the Justice Department does.  Obama is now “worse than Nixon.”

And of course there’s the usual racist whack jobs still questioning Obama’s birth place, lying about him destroying the economy, screaming about our guns being taken from us, and more.

Here’s a hint for you guys:  It’s not working.

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