most Americans opposed to Obamacare! (Oops…wait…what?)

Posted: May 31, 2013 in health care, Obama, politics, Republicans
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images-154The Republicans are in control of the House, and you may wonder how they’re spending their time. God knows they aren’t doing much to help the country, since their stated and constantly demonstrated goal is to spend their energies blocking everything Obama wants to do, including the things they used to want, until Obama wanted those exact same things! So, how do they spend their time? Here’s how: Symbolically “Repealing” Obamacare 37 times!

So who are these representatives actually representing? You’ll recall that they screwed their constituents by killing background checks for gun purchases, which 93% of their constituents wanted. They voted against the Violence Against Women Act. They’re voting to cut food stamps, they’ve cut early childhood education, 6a00d8341c90b153ef01761666353f970c-500withey’re choosing “austerity” over jobs…and more. So, again, who are they actually representing, specifically in these 37 votes to repeal Obamacare? What are the facts about what Americans really think about health care reform? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could pick up a newspaper and find out the results of a survey on this very question?

Well, last week CNN published the results of a really big survey on this very thing – and the results?

According to CNN:

A majority of Americans still oppose the nation’s new health care measure!
54% of respondents oppose the new laws, and 43% support them!

So, clearly, most Americans hate Obamacare. Maybe these Republicans in the House are actually representing the people in these 37 symbolic votes!

But wait…what if you actually read the CNN story, and not just the headline?

Oops. Here’s the real truth: The 54% of Americans who oppose Obamacare includes the 16% of Americans who don’t think the law went far enough and who want a more liberal policy!

Look at this chart: The blue represent the majority of Americans who flat out support the law, the red is the minority who oppose it because they think it’s too liberal, and the aqua are the people who want a more liberal policy.


The headlines are wrong…the actual results tell a very different story. The majority of us like it and/or want more! In fact, around 59% of American’s either support the act or want it to go further!

But how is the conservative media reporting these findings? Check out this article from FOX “News.”

Confirming the results of recent Rasmussen and Fox News polls, showing that the majority of Americans are still opposed to the Democrats’ healthcare law commonly referred to as Obamacare, as well as a majority wanting it repealed, a newly released CNN/ORC International poll also finds that a majority, 54 percent, are still opposed to Obamacare, over three years after it was signed into law.

Obamacare-Surprise-PartyGood job, FOX “news!” Keep up the “fair and balanced” reporting. AND good job, House Republicans! You’re staying true to form. Keep up the good work of representing the fringe elements while doing whatever you can to screw the rest of us.

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