raise the minimum wage…

Posted: August 30, 2013 in economic policy, minimum wage, politics, poverty, poverty


  1. Who to believe? The Economic Policy Institute or the Bureau of Labor statistics?


    “Minimum wage workers tend to be young. Although workers under age 25 represented only about one-fifth of hourly paid workers, they made up about half of those paid the Federal minimum wage or less.”

    “Never-married workers, who tend to be young, were more likely than married workers to earn the federal minimum wage or less (about 8 percent versus about 2 percent)”

    “About 11 percent of part-time workers … were paid the federal minimum wage or less, compared with about 2 percent of full-time workers.”


  2. By the way, a total of 2.8% of all employees make at or below minimum wage.

  3. By the way, raising the minimum wage hurts everyone and helps no one.


    There is a very large body of evidence that shows a direct correlation between a higher minimum wage and higher unemployment. They rise together.

    Raising the minimum wage hurts most the very people you purport to help.

  4. Even without years of hard statistics that make you (well, the EPI) dead wrong, let’s just give it the common sense test….

    What do you propose to raise the minimum wage to? $12? $15? If $15 is good, why not $20? $30? how about $50? Where should we stop and why? Who should decide what that minimum wage should be? Government bureaucrats? Politicians? Why? Because they’re economic geniuses and can can make better decisions than a free market? Well I guess it’s working well in California, Illinois, Michigan, New York….. oh wait…..

  5. Lana says:

    As a kid I believed we should have no minimum wage at all. That’s hard to believe now.

  6. nash says:


    Here’s just one article for you, John. Raising the minimum wage won’t cost jobs, and it won’t raise prices much (industry experts think, for example, that a minimum raise of $15 would make the dollar menu at MacDonalds the “$1.17” menu.) The fact is, there are millions of adults receiving minimum wage, and they’re not making it. And every single penny that gets added to their paycheck, through a raise in the minimum wage, will go right back into the economy.

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