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Posted: September 3, 2013 in other stuff




Hey readers – just a note:  I’ve spent my holiday today fixing the category menu at the top of my blog.  Now you can click on all sorts of topics and see pertinent articles and memes, and hopefully find exactly what you’re looking for.  You’re welcome.  (Actually, it was either that or clean the garage…)  (My wife is thrilled.)

Hover on a topic along the top of the screen and see drop down menus of sub-topics.

(And PLEASE feel free to follow this blog – click over there to the left…)

Categories you’ll find:  

  • Racism
  • Funny shit
  • Health care
  • Fundamentalism
  • Gay rights
  • Gun policy
  • The tea party
  • Money in politics
  • Sunday thoughts
  • Obama
  • Fox “news”
  • Abortion
  • Women’s rights
  • My personal journey
  • Bad science
  • Climate change
  • Dominionism
  • The “truth series”

And more!    Check it out!

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