because Jesus said, “Build me the gaudiest monument you can think of…”

Posted: September 7, 2013 in believing, fundamentalism

by Bill, from


well, I guess homeless people could rest under it for shade…


There’s a church in Brandon, MS that is trying to build a 110 foot cross because Christians always have such good luck with giant statues. The project, sponsored by Crosses Across America was recently submitted to the Brandon city council for a zoning permit but was denied even though the church assured the cross could protect the town against 500ft tall vampires. The church is currently trying to overturn the decision via online petition and facebook group, the two most effective forms of protest.

While I certainly have nothing against a 110 foot cross, I think these people could really spend their time, energy and most importantly money on better pursuits. I haven’t been to church in quite some time but if I remember right, Jesus’ message was more focused on “help poor people” and less on “BUILD ME THE TALLEST, GAUDIEST MONUMENTS YOU CAN THINK OF.”  This single 110 foot cross will cost somewhere between $80,000-$100,000. Instead of using the money to build something that does nothing for poor people, why don’t you follow Christ’s example and use that money to –

Feed 12 villages of 100 people for a year through Feed My Starving Children

Build an entire home with Habitat for Humanity with 40,000 left over.

buy 200 cows or 833 sheep for struggling farmers through get clean irrigation systems for several villages in India through Charity Water.

Buy 100,000 McDoubles and give them to hungry people! Buy 10,000 hungry people appetizers at Red Lobster! Take 1,000 homeless people out for dinner at a really fancy steakhouse! Anything except building a stupid cross that does nothing to spread Christ’s message.

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