this comic just totally embarrassed me in front of a client…

Posted: September 11, 2013 in fundamentalism, funny shit, religious laughs

sexSo…I’m sitting here in a room at a downtown business, wearing my tie and sports coat and a serious/ caring/ thoughtful/ concerned look on my face, and managers are coming in one at a time to talk to me about their issues with their employees. See, I’m a professional, right? Well, taking up half my computer screen is Microsoft Word opened up to the document I’m using to type some of these managers’ comments. On the OTHER half of my screen I’m just GLANCING, very OCCASIONALLY, at “The Oatmeal,” one of my favorite websites. Anyway…this one manager is going ON and ON about a particular issue that I got my head around about 15 minutes earlier, when he first started talking. And my mind starts wandering. And I glance over at the cartoon on my screen (click HERE) and see this particular panel (the one I’ve included here), and right as this poor guy is telling me his sad, sad story….I let out this huge SNORTING LAUGH. Yup. Right there, in the middle of his story. I’m a professional.

Note: If you click on to the actual comic you will see some true stuff. I don’t agree with everything the comic says…but a lot of it I do. Take it with a grain of salt. It’s funny.

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