the sociopaths are running the country

Posted: May 2, 2014 in corporations as people, money in politics, politics

corporations_are_sociopaths_mouse_pads-r99e945c1fde5439daf6f3d519103473b_x74vi_8byvr_324Ok, so corporations are people, according to the Supreme’s Citizens United decision.  Let’s assume that’s true.  The problem?  Corporations are sociopathic people.   With very few exceptions (Ben & Jerry’s comes to mind)…

corporations will always act in their own self interest

which is to maximize profits for themselves and their shareholders, at the expense of all other considerations.  In fact, they are legally required to do so!  

Corporations will always consider their own financial self interest at the expense of what’s best for society, the images-269earth, the next generation, their employees….

This is pretty much just how sociopaths behave.  And these “people” are running our country.  Be very concerned.

Click here for more:  Why Corporations Behave Like Sociopaths

Join Wolf-Pac, to help reverse Citizens United.

  1. Famous Dave’s BBQ also comes to mind, as a good corporation run by good people. Famous Dave lives to help his people, the Native Americans of this country. He’s a great guy and should be famous.

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