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I don’t usually blog about blogs, but something stirred inside me today as I read Benjamin Corey’s latest entry to his fantastic “Formerly Fundie” blog.  He writes about the top 5 issues he wrote about in 2014 that have received the most hate mail from Christians.  You can read the whole article HERE.  But here’s a quick summary, with a few choice quotes.

#5.  Questioning hell.
“Christians today sure do love them some hell.”Screenshot-2014-12-13-10.01.27

He says that “too many Christians are absolutely, positively unwilling to consider that the Bible might actually teach something other than the horrible view of hell they grew up with.  We’re supposed to believe what our pastors and parents told us, and not question or go the Bible for answers – anything less will get you sent to the place you no longer believe in.”

#4.  Speaking out against racism.
“I found it extremely disturbing that so much of Christian America is resistant to this discussion and to considering the plight of minorities in America.  From hateful racist tweets, to comments and emails, speaking out against racism got me called every name in the book during 2014.”

#3.  Speaking up for our LGBTQ brothers and sisters.
“It doesn’t matter how delicately you approach it – for too many Christians, the slightest sign of love and non-judgement toward our LGBTQ brothers and sisters will earn one a quick and fiery condemnation to be tortured for all of eternity.”

#2.  Suggesting that we should love our enemies.
“The number 2 reason why fellow Christians sent me hate mail in 2014 is actually because I have suggested that we love our enemies.  Seriously.  With the comments, tweets and messages in my inbox, every piece I write on enemy love makes one thing clear:  The majority of Christians in America find this idea appalling.  As a result, they will bend the Bible into a pretzel to find a loophole on this issue – one of the few things that Jesus actually drew a hard line on.  This grieves me like little else.”

#1.  Suggesting that God, not America, should be the object or our exclusive loyalty.
“The other things on this list don’t surprise me- but this one did, both because of the quantity of the mail and the level of hatred and intolerance contained in them. I’ve pointed out where America has behaved with depraved indifference toward our fellow humans, spoken out against the slaughtering of lives at our hands, and invited my fellow Christians to resist the idolatry of nationalism.  This, I have learned, is infuriating to people.  I’ve been called disgusting, told to leave the country, called weak, told I hate America, told I should die, and more.”

“This should be a wake up call:  The most hate I’ve received hasn’t been through deviating from orthodox theology or questioning traditional interpretations of scripture, but because I have questioned our loyalty to country.  That’s a problem – if Christians are more concerned with loving country than they are concerned with loving their fellow human beings, that “love of country” becomes functionally anti-Christ.”

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