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Question! I have a question! A recent survey showed that 68% of white evangelicals b3892659W009 HUMAN RIGHTS ACT.jpgelieve ‘torture of suspected terrorists’ can be ‘often’ or ‘somewhat’ justified. Of those who said they had ‘no religion,’ only 41 percent said torture of suspects is often or somewhat justified. Please help me understand this. Anyone?

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I am curious about everyone and everything, know a lot about some things, a little about others, nothing about still others. I've got roughly half my life to go, and I want it to count, and be damn fun, too. I want to leave the world better than I found it, and grow and change myself in the process.

3 thoughts on “help me understand

  1. I don’t believe there IS a way to understand. I have seen people go from loving, caring, giving human beings to small, unforgiving trolls. All in the name of “religion”. I talk to God daily. I’m pretty sure he’s got my back and I’m even more sure that he doesn’t need me to carry his water. I find it to be a fairly complicated relationship. Always changing and becoming new. I pray that those with less than helpful, loving hearts will actually find the love that HE can offer.

  2. This is very disconcerting. I live in a small town of about 700 people in rural Colorado. This is about the complement of one medium size church; yet there are 5 Baptist Churches here, one Catholic church and one of each of a few other denominations. The closest non-Christian house of worship is a synagogue about 30 miles away.

    Out of all the Christian denominations out there, the Baptists are by far the most political. Zionist and staunchly pro Israel, Baptist and evangelical churches pledge their unconditional support of Israel.

    As you can tell by this brief demographic, if convenience and proximity drive which church you attend, then you go to a Baptist church.

    The perception is (and always has been) that churches are moral and ethical places. To not be a member is considered to be Godless.

    I was raised in a Baptist church. I have struggled with this all my life, until finally leaving about 18 months ago. Since then (and possibly because of social media) I have learned that people are slowly awakening from the church agenda, seeing for themselves how truly black it is and speaking out about it

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