back to Africa

A personal post today – just to let you all know that I won’t be active on here during the next 1o days (although I will be hosting a couple guest bloggers next week). I’ll be leaving for Africa Saturday morning. Here’s why: This is our son, Elijah, when we first adopted him. Is heContinue reading “back to Africa”

am I bi? (the “liberal test”)

Potentially another coming out story, of sorts. I previously wrote (with some fear and trembling about what my many Christian friends would think) of my journey away from evangelicalism. Now here I am again, possibly coming out of yet another closet, with an opportunity to alienate a whole different group of friends. For much ofContinue reading “am I bi? (the “liberal test”)”

to no more lint picking, unnecessary “f***,” or age-math

Happy New Year to all of you! This year I resolve to: do something kind for someone every single day. write far fewer Facebook posts that offend my friends. give up control much more often. eat veggies three times a day. grow my hair longer. A little. listen to music at night with the lightsContinue reading “to no more lint picking, unnecessary “f***,” or age-math”

Sunday thoughts #6: Good news for evangelicals!

(Note:  This is a sort of epilogue to a series…see links at the end of this article.) For a limited time only, if you act now, you can have the best of two worlds! You can retain your intellect and your capacity for logical analysis AND hold on to the truths and the beauty andContinue reading “Sunday thoughts #6: Good news for evangelicals!”

Sunday thoughts #5: when Christmas plans go to hell

We planned for a wonderful, traditional Christmas – all four kids are coming home! We wanted to do it right, to re-create Christmases past so that they would continue to remember us and their childhoods fondly and lovingly. We shopped for some big special meals, bought the gifts, lit up the house with our favoriteContinue reading “Sunday thoughts #5: when Christmas plans go to hell”

Part 3: true? Truth? not true? or just true-ish?

Find Part 1 HERE;  Find Part 2 HERE;  Find prequel HERE  (in which I come clean about my faith); Find epilogue HERE Part 3 of 3 The Bible is the story of the failings, passions, false starts and victories of a people grappling to understand God’s character and stance toward humanity. It’s a record of misperceptions and bad decisionsContinue reading “Part 3: true? Truth? not true? or just true-ish?”

Sunday thoughts #4: Beautiful words

Last Sunday, in “Sunday thoughts #3:  In which I come clean about my faith,” I came out of the closet, so to speak.   I posted it on my blog (which not very many people read) and on my secondary Facebook page, called “stuff that matters,” so that few people would actually read it.  Continue reading “Sunday thoughts #4: Beautiful words”

true? Truth? not true? or just true-ish?

Find part 1 HERE;  Find prequel HERE (in which I come clean about my faith) Part 2 of 3 I just finished reading UnChristian, by David Kinnaman, president of the Barna group, a Christian research organization that set out to explore Christianity’s reputation today, especially among people between the ages of 16 and 29.   EveryContinue reading “true? Truth? not true? or just true-ish?”

true? Truth? not true? or just true-ish? (part 1)

Part 1 of 3 I was discussing politics this morning with a conservative Christian in my town, and he accused me of “not believing in Absolute Truth.”  (He’s quite unhappy with me on account of my support of President Obama.)   Actually, he didn’t directly accuse me – he said, “Well, I still believe inContinue reading “true? Truth? not true? or just true-ish? (part 1)”