women are unclean

America was founded as a Christian nation, and, frankly, I’m darn sick and tired of the constant assault on our religious freedoms from the gays, the minorities, and especially the ladies. Yes, you heard me – especially the ladies. What completely chaps my hide is how successful the women-folk have been in dragging us awayContinue reading “women are unclean”

Google celebrates Easter by persecuting Christians

-by John Prager Google did something reprehensible and anti-Christian yesterday. It was so terrible–so horrid–that we can’t idly stand by without speaking up. Just take a look at this evil, anti-Jesus crap they pulled–and on Easter Sunday no less! On holidays, Google sometimes does a special “doodle” that represents the occasion. Christians are outraged–OUTRAGED–at thisContinue reading “Google celebrates Easter by persecuting Christians”

millions of real Americans fleeing the scourge of Obamacare

UNITED STATES (The Borowitz Report)—Millions of Tea Party loyalists fled the United States in the early morning hours today, seeking what one of them called “the American dream of liberty from health care.” Harland Dorrinson, 47, a tire salesman from Lexington, Kentucky, packed up his family and whatever belongings he could fit into his ChevyContinue reading “millions of real Americans fleeing the scourge of Obamacare”

Michele Bachmann introduces bill to require gays to “dress more straight”

      What many are seeing as an incredibly bold move, Michele Bachmann introduced H.R. 22973 today, also known as the “Make Gay People Stop Dressing So Silly Act of 2013.” The bill states: All people identifying as homosexual must begin mimicking the appearance of heterosexual members of their community, who are of theContinue reading “Michele Bachmann introduces bill to require gays to “dress more straight””