millions of real Americans fleeing the scourge of Obamacare

UNITED STATES (The Borowitz Report)—Millions of Tea Party loyalists fled the United States in the early morning hours today, seeking what one of them called “the American dream of liberty from health care.” Harland Dorrinson, 47, a tire salesman from Lexington, Kentucky, packed up his family and whatever belongings he could fit into his ChevyContinue reading “millions of real Americans fleeing the scourge of Obamacare”

friday entertainment: six crazy stories from wingnut land…

SOURCES: Pat Robertson Suggests Gays with AIDS Wear Rings to Cut, Infect Main Candidate Posts ‘Shoot The Nigger’ Obama Status On Facebook Phyllis Schlafly Admits Goal is Punishing NC Voters Joe Walsh’s ‘I Have A Dream’ Rant Cory Booker Is Gay Title of Lonegan’s New Play Book Gohmert:  ‘Scary’ That Liberal Elites Would Use VaccinesContinue reading “friday entertainment: six crazy stories from wingnut land…”

delusional conservative says “Family Guy” is causing Republicans to lose elections.

Seriously? Your party loses two huge Presidential elections and the only excuse you can muster as a reason for the defeats is that voters watch a certain cartoon? Click HERE for article on Addicting Info.  

how to deal with politicians who deny science…this is funny!

There are members of Congress who don’t understand or accept basic science concepts. This hilarious video is dedicated to them. Click HERE

oh, the whacky things conservatives say…

Based on an article by Allen Clifton.  Like Allen, I’ve been amused, saddened and surprised by some of these super-frequent conservative statements that don’t seem to have a lot of thought behind them. The government never does anything for me.”– Said by the person who drove on public roads from their job that provides overtime payContinue reading “oh, the whacky things conservatives say…”