Michele Bachmann introduces bill to require gays to “dress more straight”

      What many are seeing as an incredibly bold move, Michele Bachmann introduced H.R. 22973 today, also known as the “Make Gay People Stop Dressing So Silly Act of 2013.” The bill states: All people identifying as homosexual must begin mimicking the appearance of heterosexual members of their community, who are of theContinue reading “Michele Bachmann introduces bill to require gays to “dress more straight””

the “gay onslaught” will start tomorrow!

Check out this New Zealand MP’s hilarious gay marriage speech. Thank you, Joseph Shaeffer, for sharing this with me – you embarrassed me by making me laugh out loud while standing in line for my made-to-order omelet this morning. Click HERE!!!!  

shhhhh! don’t tell them. I want them to be surprised.

“Obamacare! Gay marriage! Legalizing drugs! I’m moving to Canada to get away from all of this shit!” (Umm… guys, I think there’s some stuff about Canada we need to talk about.)