need a laugh today? read the reviews….

Click HERE to go to AMAZON.COM and learn about the amazing new Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer Faster, safer than using a knife Great for cereal Plastic, dishwasher safe Slice your banana with one quick motion Kids love slicing their own bananas “This banana slicer has saved us so much money and injuries, we may even be ableContinue reading “need a laugh today? read the reviews….”

to no more lint picking, unnecessary “f***,” or age-math

Happy New Year to all of you! This year I resolve to: do something kind for someone every single day. write far fewer Facebook posts that offend my friends. give up control much more often. eat veggies three times a day. grow my hair longer. A little. listen to music at night with the lightsContinue reading “to no more lint picking, unnecessary “f***,” or age-math”

the “fiscal cliff” for dummies (and an awesomely silly website for when you’re bored)

Click HERE if the whole “fiscal cliff” thing is Greek to you.    Or if you REALLY want to get into it, click HERE. And to learn why it’s going to be mostly John Boehner’s fault if we go over, click HERE And to read about Boehner’s desperation prayer when his “Plan B” failed to win approvalContinue reading “the “fiscal cliff” for dummies (and an awesomely silly website for when you’re bored)”