Google celebrates Easter by persecuting Christians

-by John Prager Google did something reprehensible and anti-Christian yesterday. It was so terrible–so horrid–that we can’t idly stand by without speaking up. Just take a look at this evil, anti-Jesus crap they pulled–and on Easter Sunday no less! On holidays, Google sometimes does a special “doodle” that represents the occasion. Christians are outraged–OUTRAGED–at thisContinue reading “Google celebrates Easter by persecuting Christians”

this comic just totally embarrassed me in front of a client…

So…I’m sitting here in a room at a downtown business, wearing my tie and sports coat and a serious/ caring/ thoughtful/ concerned look on my face, and managers are coming in one at a time to talk to me about their issues with their employees. See, I’m a professional, right? Well, taking up half my computerContinue reading “this comic just totally embarrassed me in front of a client…”

some fun science “facts” from Objective Ministries Kidz

These are AWESOME! (Be sure to check out the anti-evolutionist boiling hot beetle butt poison at the end…it’s my favorite.) Question: Professor Giraffenstien, what are fossils, and where did they come from??? Answer: Fossils are the buried remains of the wicked men and animals that perished in the Flood 4,000 years ago. Question: Hey Professor,Continue reading “some fun science “facts” from Objective Ministries Kidz”