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This story has been on the internet for three days now…I’m sure you’ve seen it.  But just in case:


This dad wins the award for Best Dad of the Year. I’m so glad this college kid has such a great support system in his life. 

house_snow_lgWe planned for a wonderful, traditional Christmas – all four kids are coming home! We wanted to do it right, to re-create Christmases past so that they would continue to remember us and their childhoods fondly and lovingly.

We shopped for some big special meals, bought the gifts, lit up the house with our favorite Christmas decorations, purchased supplies for making the traditional Christmas cookies and candies, made fun holiday plans.iPhone photos 256

Then the storm hit – a real one, not a figurative one, thank God – and now we haven’t had power or internet or phones or electric heat or hot water for days.

So instead of Christmas lights and a glowing tree, we have candles and lanterns scattered all over the house.

Back CameraInstead of the big fancy meals, the homemade treats and the ritzy Starbucks Espresso Machine lattes, we’re having chips and salsa and BBQ popcorn and snacks scavenged from the pantry and rescued from the fridge.  We’re making camp stove coffee and eating Christmas cookies from Albertsons.

And best of all, instead of a lot of movies and video gaming and computer work/play and night-time retreating to our separate spaces, the six of us are camping out in the living room by the fire, talking and laughing, remembering rain hikes and kid fights, marveling at childhood perspectives, and celebrating family and love and grace and the mystery of finding joy in an often frightening world.

iPhone photos 043

Merry Christmas to all of you!

One of my favorite bloggers – Single Dad Laughing
He wrote this great article about some of the reasons his marriage failed – he identifies landmines to avoid.  I like it when I learn from others’ mistakes.  I make enough of my own.