conservatives still think there’s a liberal media bias

Conservatives still think there’s a liberal media bias. x While I, too, as a liberal, am frustrated with the media, I’d like to go on record and state that the media isn’t focusing on issues I care about. They seem to be far more focused on entertainment and making money. Don’t believe me? s If youContinue reading “conservatives still think there’s a liberal media bias”

FOX News is waaaay too liberal…

In the ongoing GOP Civil War (the hilarious spectacle of the Tea Partiers vs. The GOP Establishment) David Freedlander at the Daily Beast has a story, “Why Tea Partiers Are Boycotting Fox News,” that will warm the cockles of the hearts of non-Conservatives everywhere: First it was the ‘left’ turn after the election, then Benghazi coverupContinue reading “FOX News is waaaay too liberal…”

Fox geezer syndrome: even conservatives are saying STOP!

Richmond Ramsey is a conservative, and an executive who lives and works in Blue America. Conor Friedersdorf remembers what a pain it was to live with a liberal roommate who watched Keith Olbermann every night, and would subsequently sulk around in a pissed-off mood. Friedersdorf too got a negative contact buzz from the show. He writes:Continue reading “Fox geezer syndrome: even conservatives are saying STOP!”

on Fox News, closed loops, and the denial of reality

This past November we witnessed something truly remarkable, something quite new in modern politics. Despite dozens of polls, carefully calculated predictions, and just plain math, the results of this election were a complete shock to the GOP establishment, including people who should have known better – conservative pollsters, commentators, and the campaign itself. As theContinue reading “on Fox News, closed loops, and the denial of reality”