the sociopaths are running the country

Ok, so corporations are people, according to the Supreme’s Citizens United decision.  Let’s assume that’s true.  The problem?  Corporations are sociopathic people.   With very few exceptions (Ben & Jerry’s comes to mind)… corporations will always act in their own self interest which is to maximize profits for themselves and their shareholders, at the expense ofContinue reading “the sociopaths are running the country”

conservatives still think there’s a liberal media bias

Conservatives still think there’s a liberal media bias. x While I, too, as a liberal, am frustrated with the media, I’d like to go on record and state that the media isn’t focusing on issues I care about. They seem to be far more focused on entertainment and making money. Don’t believe me? s If youContinue reading “conservatives still think there’s a liberal media bias”

which political party is better for America?

From Addicting Info (author unknown) Take just 5 minutes. Imagine an America where only one religion dictates the law of the land like Rick Santorum suggests. Where things like the Patriot Act and Guantanamo Bay-style camps that enable no right to fair trial are created. LGBT Americans cannot only not serve in the military but have their children confiscated.Continue reading “which political party is better for America?”

am I bi? (the “liberal test”)

Potentially another coming out story, of sorts. I previously wrote (with some fear and trembling about what my many Christian friends would think) of my journey away from evangelicalism. Now here I am again, possibly coming out of yet another closet, with an opportunity to alienate a whole different group of friends. For much ofContinue reading “am I bi? (the “liberal test”)”

leaving the GOP like rats from a sinking ship

While driving to Seattle last week, I heard Joe Scarborough (“Morning Joe”), a former Republican Congressman, refer to his own party (the GOP) as the “stupid party!” He begged them to stop being the party of the anti-science, “legitimate rape,” paranoid, homophobic, life-only-matters-when-it’s-still-a-fetus fringe elements. I almost dropped my Starbucks in my lap! And IContinue reading “leaving the GOP like rats from a sinking ship”