how the Tea Party is holding America hostage…

I wonder how many people actually fully grasp what the Republicans in the House are doing right now and how they are seriously harming this country in their attempt to discredit the president and hold America hostage.  It’s shameful, and if you’re not pissed off, you’re not paying attention. First – a super-duper simple (I meanContinue reading “how the Tea Party is holding America hostage…”

conservatives still think there’s a liberal media bias

Conservatives still think there’s a liberal media bias. x While I, too, as a liberal, am frustrated with the media, I’d like to go on record and state that the media isn’t focusing on issues I care about. They seem to be far more focused on entertainment and making money. Don’t believe me? s If youContinue reading “conservatives still think there’s a liberal media bias”

Republicans launch voter fraud investigation…and find Republican voter fraud

by Rod Bastanmehr An investigation into the issue of voter registration fraud in the Sunshine State initiated by Florida Republicans has unearthed no evidence of wrongdoing—except on the part of the GOP. Florida’s Secretary of State Ken Detzner, prompted the state’s Department of Law Enforcement to research the alleged problem, setting its sights on theContinue reading “Republicans launch voter fraud investigation…and find Republican voter fraud”

friday entertainment: six crazy stories from wingnut land…

SOURCES: Pat Robertson Suggests Gays with AIDS Wear Rings to Cut, Infect Main Candidate Posts ‘Shoot The Nigger’ Obama Status On Facebook Phyllis Schlafly Admits Goal is Punishing NC Voters Joe Walsh’s ‘I Have A Dream’ Rant Cory Booker Is Gay Title of Lonegan’s New Play Book Gohmert:  ‘Scary’ That Liberal Elites Would Use VaccinesContinue reading “friday entertainment: six crazy stories from wingnut land…”

an Oklahoma school district figures out that abstinence-only sex ed is a complete failure

By Stephen Foster, Jr. Long one of the most conservative states  in the nation, Oklahoma is one state that has steadfastly refused to implement comprehensive sex education that includes contraception. Instead, Republicans in the state have advocated for abstinence-only plans that have been proven not to work time and time again. And because of that epicContinue reading “an Oklahoma school district figures out that abstinence-only sex ed is a complete failure”

delusional conservative says “Family Guy” is causing Republicans to lose elections.

Seriously? Your party loses two huge Presidential elections and the only excuse you can muster as a reason for the defeats is that voters watch a certain cartoon? Click HERE for article on Addicting Info.  

Sunday thoughts #29: greed, Jesus and the GOP

Check out this article from Forward Progressives, which I found on one of my favorite blogs, Kissing Fish: Christianity for those who don’t like Christianity. CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE Once the greed-driven have acquired and protected, they begin to covet. They are not satisfied with all they have; their eye is on all that theyContinue reading “Sunday thoughts #29: greed, Jesus and the GOP”

how congress spends it’s time…

  As the provisions of the Affordable Care Act — referred to as Obamacare for short — begin to come online, congressional Republicans have continued to obsess over repealing the law altogether. The New York Times looked into the numbers on Wednesday and concluded that House Republicans have spent a whopping 15 percent of their time trying to repeal all orContinue reading “how congress spends it’s time…”