does anyone else out there find marriage as challenging as I sometimes do?

One of my favorite bloggers – Single Dad Laughing
He wrote this great article about some of the reasons his marriage failed – he identifies landmines to avoid.  I like it when I learn from others’ mistakes.  I make enough of my own.

Dear GOP…

Dear Republican Party:

I want to talk to you about something, as a former member of your household. As you well know, we haven’t always seen eye to eye, and I admittedly have sometimes behaved poorly during our discussions around the dinner table. But I do continue to respect and appreciate the balance and perspective you bring. Believe it or not, despite our myriad disagreements, I do want you to survive. Our country needs you, the balance you bring, your ideas, your strengths.   I want to offer you two pieces of advice. Although you certainly can choose to ignore this, I do hope you’ll at least consider what I’m saying. This is meant respectfully, as an attempt to help you avoid a future of irrelevancy and further marginalization.

Four years ago Mitch McConnell famously stated, the day Obama won his first term, “Our number one priority it to make sure Obama fails to gain a second term.” Not “Let’s work together for the good of the country.” Then, just the other night, immediately after his victory speech, the President of the United States got on the phone and called the top Republican leaders, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell. They were both “unavailable.” They wouldn’t speak to him. Seriously? The president of the United States calls you, the night he’s re-elected, and you refuse to speak to him? Then the next day McConnell stated that the voters did not endorse the president’s first term. Really? Did you notice that Obama won by a clear majority and received 332 electoral votes to Romney’s 206? Did you notice that both the Senate and the House lost Republican seats? What exactly needed to happen in order for the country to communicate that they were endorsing Obama’s first term?

That same day, John Boehner, discussing “collaboration,” stated that what Obama needs to do to show good faith and to get the Republicans to cooperate, is to cut income taxes for all and pay for it by closing unspecified loopholes in the tax code. Sound familiar? That was Romney’s campaign platform. Do you guys not understand that Mitt lost? Actually, the way this works is the losing candidate doesn’t get to enact his proposals. That’s part of what “losing” means. Is this what you all mean by “collaborate?” Do it your way, or you’ll stand in the way? I say this for your own good, and for our own good as a country: Please consider moving toward the middle. That’s part of how collaboration works.

Karl Rove stated yesterday that the election results were due to hurricane Sandy. Mitt Romney had breakfast with his richest donors yesterday and told them that he lost due to hurricane Sandy. So, just so we’re clear, are you saying that the results of the election were not a reflection at all on anything about Mitt Romney or his policies or the Tea Party or the campaign or the Republican platform or the Republican candidates? Note that the polls that turned out to be the most accurate had Obama ahead in the polls after the storm exactly as much as he was ahead in the polls before the storm.

Congressman Tom Cole said yesterday, “The Paul Ryan budget passed a pretty big test this week. The Ryan budget proved itself a viable platform on which to run and be elected.” Um…again…did you notice what happened Tuesday night? You lost! The Ryan budget may have TAKEN a big test, but it certainly didn’t PASS a big test.

It’s like you’re all saying “You know all that stuff we ran on? It all would have totally worked, if it hadn’t been for that pesky storm.” C’mon guys!!! Figure this out!

The Democrats should be thrilled. If you continue to believe that you lost so badly only because of a hurricane, and not because of anything else, then you will continue to do exactly what you’ve been doing – presenting the same kinds of candidates, preaching the same messages, continuing to move farther to the right, saying the same sorts of inane and offensive things about rape, refusing to compromise. Remember the definition of insanity? “Repeating the same behaviors over and over again, expecting different results.”


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