response to FOX “news” misogyny by…FOX “news!”

Megyn Kelly blasts Erickson: ‘Who died and made you scientist in chief?’ Click here for the epic smackdown on FOX “news” men for their blatant misogyny! This is awesome.   (I think I have a new crush.)

FOX “news:” Women breadwinners are destroying America!!!

Click here to find out how women bringing home the bacon is destroying America! My favorite quote:   Liberals are telling us that Conservatives are anti-science…but look at nature, the roles in the natural world, the roles of the female and the male in the animal world…the male is typically dominant! Other great moments: TheseContinue reading “FOX “news:” Women breadwinners are destroying America!!!”

the truth-deniers (and austerity)

There remains no room for independent thinking within the conservative movement.  Being a good liberal doesn’t require that you believe (or pretend to believe) lots of things almost certainly aren’t true; but being a good conservative does. -Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize-winning economist Krugman says that conservatives who acknowledge the connection between humans and global warming,Continue reading “the truth-deniers (and austerity)”

religious states = highest teen pregnancy states. why?

So, what do you think?  Why the correlation?  This goes beyond this graphic, but why are the most religious states also the states with the highest teen pregnancy rates, and the poorest states, and the most politically conservative states, and the states receiving the most in welfare and other government aid?  What is the connection?Continue reading “religious states = highest teen pregnancy states. why?”

oh, the whacky things conservatives say…

Based on an article by Allen Clifton.  Like Allen, I’ve been amused, saddened and surprised by some of these super-frequent conservative statements that don’t seem to have a lot of thought behind them. The government never does anything for me.”– Said by the person who drove on public roads from their job that provides overtime payContinue reading “oh, the whacky things conservatives say…”

Sunday thoughts #22: the earth isn’t flat, people are gay – let’s move on.

By Roger Ray, of The Emerging Church Michael Dowd, the author of “Thank God for Evolution” is one of the most internationally distinguished graduates of Evangel University. He and his wife, a science journalist, have made it their life’s work to travel, write and teach about the inevitable connection between spirituality and science. He sometimes makesContinue reading “Sunday thoughts #22: the earth isn’t flat, people are gay – let’s move on.”

an open letter to Christians from the younger generation

One of my favorite bloggers, Danika Nash (no relation!) wrote this.  I wish I had written it.  Please read this if you’re young.  Please read this if you’re older.  Please read this if you’re a church-goer.  Please read this if you’re not.   Church, I got to go to the Macklemore concert on Friday night. IfContinue reading “an open letter to Christians from the younger generation”

some fun science “facts” from Objective Ministries Kidz

These are AWESOME! (Be sure to check out the anti-evolutionist boiling hot beetle butt poison at the end…it’s my favorite.) Question: Professor Giraffenstien, what are fossils, and where did they come from??? Answer: Fossils are the buried remains of the wicked men and animals that perished in the Flood 4,000 years ago. Question: Hey Professor,Continue reading “some fun science “facts” from Objective Ministries Kidz”

5 actual bills proposed by Republican politicians (this is not the Onion – these are true)

The tea partiers’ alternate reality Reported by David Daley, Executive Director of Salon Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal wants Republicans to stop being the stupid party — but apparently the memo hasn’t gotten out to state legislatures around the country. February has been a banner month for truly silly and anti-intellectual bills in state capitals. SomeContinue reading “5 actual bills proposed by Republican politicians (this is not the Onion – these are true)”