am I bi? (the “liberal test”)

Potentially another coming out story, of sorts. I previously wrote (with some fear and trembling about what my many Christian friends would think) of my journey away from evangelicalism. Now here I am again, possibly coming out of yet another closet, with an opportunity to alienate a whole different group of friends. For much ofContinue reading “am I bi? (the “liberal test”)”

Sunday thoughts #5: when Christmas plans go to hell

We planned for a wonderful, traditional Christmas – all four kids are coming home! We wanted to do it right, to re-create Christmases past so that they would continue to remember us and their childhoods fondly and lovingly. We shopped for some big special meals, bought the gifts, lit up the house with our favoriteContinue reading “Sunday thoughts #5: when Christmas plans go to hell”

c’mon, let’s just enjoy ourselves!

Memo to people who get their panties all in knots about the apparent “war on Christmas.”   (read:  FOX “news.”)  Three things: 1) Every time we make this season about consumerism, we beat the crap out of Christmas.  So unless you’re going to skip that part of the holiday, I ask you to leave theContinue reading “c’mon, let’s just enjoy ourselves!”

Sunday thoughts #2: Sign me up for the war on Christmas

Click here for the full article Isaiah 9:2    “The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who lived in a land of deep darkness— on them light has shined.” The Christmas story has been hijacked by a dominant culture. People and places of power, position and prestige have warped the sensibilities ofContinue reading “Sunday thoughts #2: Sign me up for the war on Christmas”