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images-174If you’re following politics at all, you’d be forgiven if you came to the conclusion that the Republican members of Congress are insane. What is happening in our country’s politics makes absolutely no sense…that is, until you factor in corporate money (legalized bribery) and rightwing extremism (the Tea Party and a loony-tunes brand of Christianity).

Three examples:

How in the world can a bill about basic background checks for gun purchases fail to win in the House, when 93% of the lawmakers’ constituents (the people they are elected to represent) want it? Especially when it’s already illegal for felons and spouse abusers and the mentally ill to purchase guns, and all that’s missing is a law that requires gun sellers to do a five-minute check to make sure the person trying to buy a gun isn’t in one of those categories.

The reason? Two things: Corporate money (these law makers are paid through campaign contributions to not agree to 7.6.12C.Money-Politics-610x427anything that would piss off gun manufacturers) and rightwing extremism (if you’re a lawmaker and the tea party nutwings find out you’re not toeing the party line, they will “primary” you).

How does ExxonMobile get to wreck an entire town in Arkansas with a sands oil spill and not have to explain to the public (or show photos) of how or why this happened? How do they get to legally keep reporters out of the area? How did they get a frickin’ no-fly zone over their clean up operations?!?! Why were they allowed to not make proactive repairs when they knew that the potential for disaster existed? (One executive famously stated: “We know the cost of a clean up operation is much less than the cost to improve equipment and avoid a disaster.”) And why we’re on the subject, why does this obscenely wealthy corporation get billions of dollars in subsidies and tax breaks every year???

The reasons? Legalized bribery. They give money to (usually) Republicans’ campaigns in exchange for no media accountability, lots and lots of free money and a free pass to fuck up the environment. And there are the extremists, of course. A tweet from Rep. Steve Stockman:

The best thing about the Earth is if you poke holes in it oil and gas come out.

95205167-global-warming-deniersClimate change
While the rest of the industrial world is working to curb global warming, why do our politicians continually vote against anything that would help to cool down the earth, even while 98% of scientists agree that a global temperature increase of just 5 degrees would be a disaster…AND that it’s becoming inevitable that this WILL happen if we don’t do something, and do it soon?

The reasons?

Corporate money: Reporters from The Independent researched the ways that corporate money is influencing politics in the area of climate change, and they discovered that the amount of money being spent on fighting the science of climate change is just over 500 million dollars each year. Here’s how it works: The Koch brothers (Bill and Charles), the guys who started (and fund) the Tea Party, own Koch industries, a large oil, gas and chemical conglomerate. Koch industries gives millions and millions of dollars each year to a group called the “Knowledge and Progress Fund,” which in turn gives the money to two sister groups: Donors Trust and Donors Capital Fund. These two groups then spend shitloads of money “educating” the public against climate change, buying “scientists” who will de-bunk the real scientists’ research results, and paying off congresspeople. So, while 98% of scientists believe that it’s time to yell “fire!” in regards to global warming, these clowns are pretending that, “Oh my gosh! There are scientists out there who are totally against climate change!” The end results? The Koch brothers get richer, and we as a planet experience more and more deaths through “extreme weather events” (drought, storms, tornados, fires, floods) and get closer and closer to complete ecological ruin and the extinction of species, including our own. Good work, Bill and Charles.

bp-funds-tea-partys-climate-change-deniersExtremism: Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) appeared on Voice of Christian Youth America’s radio program Crosstalk with Vic Eliason a few months back to promote his new book The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future, where he stated:

God’s still up there. The arrogance of people to think that we, human beings, would be able to change what He is doing in the climate is to me outrageous.

Enough said.

Of course, there are many, many more examples, including the corporations that are allowed to coat our vegetables with pesticides, the minimum wage, aid to the poor, colleges loans and more. Watch this space.

images-171In recent weeks we have watched a number of right-wing invented scandals drown in a sea of facts. Of course, the Republicans won’t give up…they’ll continue to throw tantrums and talk impeachment and invent new scandals, just like they do every time the Democrats have the presidency. (And they will no doubt behave like disappointed two-year olds into the foreseeable future, since it’s very unlikely that the GOP will be regaining the presidency anytime soon).

So apparently President Obama was targeting his political enemies by denying them the 501(c)(4) tax exemption that they rightfully deserve. These, of course, were Tea Party groups who absolutely, cross their hearts and hope to die, were NOT, first and foremost, political organizations and who were operating exclusively for social welfare and spending almost no time lobbying for the right wing.

Ha ha.

Anyway, the IRS “scandal,” according to the Republican party, FOX news, and America’s sheep-class, was an elaborate scheme by Obama to silence the right.

But wait…the top congressman on the Oversight and Government Reform Committee conducting the probe into the “scandal” told CNN (regarding the IRS employee who initiated the IRS actions):

He is a conservative Republican working for the IRS. I think this interview and these statements go a long way toward showing that the White House was not involved in this. Based upon everything I’ve seen, the case is solved. And if it were me, I would wrap this case up and move on.

John Shafer, the IRS manager, told the Oversight Committee that he and another employee set aside applications from groups images-172with “Tea Party” and “patriot” in their names because granting them tax-exempt status could set a new precedent for the IRS. In other words, he was just doing the job he is paid to do, to make sure that groups are not wrongfully receiving an exempt status they do not deserve. (It should also be noted that, so far, no conservative groups have come forward to say they were denied the tax-exemption.)

Of course, Republicans will surely say that the manager is not a Republican. He is an undercover Democrat. Or his party affiliation proves nothing, he could still have been working in cahoots with the president. Except that investigators asked him if this was a scheme by the White House to target conservative groups, and he said:

I do not believe that the screening of these cases had anything to do with anything, other than consistency and identifying issues that needed to have further development. There is no reason to believe the white house was involved in any way.

One more right-wing, tinfoil hat scandal down, many more to go. Certainly we will hear Fox News relaying all of this information to their listening audience later. I’m sure they’ll want to set the record straight, right? Ha ha! No, Republican attack dog, Darrell Issa, is already saying this proves nothing. Of course it doesn’t. The Republicans in congress will continue to waste our money, refuse to govern, block any and all positive forward progress, and – hopefully – dig themselves a really deep hole with voters who will not forget in 2016.


Megyn Kelly blasts Erickson: ‘Who died and made you scientist in chief?’

Click here for the epic smackdown on FOX “news” men for their blatant misogyny!

This is awesome.  

(I think I have a new crush.)

images-154The Republicans are in control of the House, and you may wonder how they’re spending their time. God knows they aren’t doing much to help the country, since their stated and constantly demonstrated goal is to spend their energies blocking everything Obama wants to do, including the things they used to want, until Obama wanted those exact same things! So, how do they spend their time? Here’s how: Symbolically “Repealing” Obamacare 37 times!

So who are these representatives actually representing? You’ll recall that they screwed their constituents by killing background checks for gun purchases, which 93% of their constituents wanted. They voted against the Violence Against Women Act. They’re voting to cut food stamps, they’ve cut early childhood education, 6a00d8341c90b153ef01761666353f970c-500withey’re choosing “austerity” over jobs…and more. So, again, who are they actually representing, specifically in these 37 votes to repeal Obamacare? What are the facts about what Americans really think about health care reform? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could pick up a newspaper and find out the results of a survey on this very question?

Well, last week CNN published the results of a really big survey on this very thing – and the results?

According to CNN:

A majority of Americans still oppose the nation’s new health care measure!
54% of respondents oppose the new laws, and 43% support them!

So, clearly, most Americans hate Obamacare. Maybe these Republicans in the House are actually representing the people in these 37 symbolic votes!

But wait…what if you actually read the CNN story, and not just the headline?

Oops. Here’s the real truth: The 54% of Americans who oppose Obamacare includes the 16% of Americans who don’t think the law went far enough and who want a more liberal policy!

Look at this chart: The blue represent the majority of Americans who flat out support the law, the red is the minority who oppose it because they think it’s too liberal, and the aqua are the people who want a more liberal policy.


The headlines are wrong…the actual results tell a very different story. The majority of us like it and/or want more! In fact, around 59% of American’s either support the act or want it to go further!

But how is the conservative media reporting these findings? Check out this article from FOX “News.”

Confirming the results of recent Rasmussen and Fox News polls, showing that the majority of Americans are still opposed to the Democrats’ healthcare law commonly referred to as Obamacare, as well as a majority wanting it repealed, a newly released CNN/ORC International poll also finds that a majority, 54 percent, are still opposed to Obamacare, over three years after it was signed into law.

Obamacare-Surprise-PartyGood job, FOX “news!” Keep up the “fair and balanced” reporting. AND good job, House Republicans! You’re staying true to form. Keep up the good work of representing the fringe elements while doing whatever you can to screw the rest of us.

a_3x-horizontalClick here to find out how women bringing home the bacon is destroying America!

My favorite quote:  

Liberals are telling us that Conservatives are anti-science…but look at nature, the roles in the natural world, the roles of the female and the male in the animal world…the male is typically dominant!

Other great moments:

These are troubling statistics – our society is being torn apart.  In 4 out of 10 families the woman is the primary breadwinner.

Society is dissolving around us.

This should be in large letters on the front page in every newspaper!  Something is going terribly wrong in American society.  It’s hurting our children.  I don’t see how you can deny this.

There remains no room for independent thinking within the conservative movement.  Being a good liberal doesn’t require that you believe (or pretend to believe) lots of things almost certainly aren’t true; but being a good conservative does.

-Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize-winning economist

images-152Krugman says that conservatives who acknowledge the connection between humans and global warming, or who oppose austerity and favor tax increases for the rich, for example, often find themselves disowned by the conservative movements.

Krugman has written before that there are some issues in which there is little room for debate because the evidence is overwhelmingly in favor of one side, and yet conservatives continue to argue in favor of the opposite.  “The closed bubble they live in, comprised of FOX News and the like, allows them to continue to believe the things they want to believe, instead of the things that are true.”

In one example, he responded to critics of his stance against government belt-tightening by writing “maybe I actually am right,” in an April blog post.

By the way, more people may be starting to take up Krugman’s anti-austerity stance. The evidence against austerity 105525-Austerity-Failure-by-Paresh-Nath-The-Khaleej-Times-UAEis in fact so overwhelming that a few conservatives have voiced their opposition. But as Krugman and New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait note, the most outspoken critics like conservative Bloomberg columnist Josh Barro have had to pay the price, becoming disavowed by the movement as a whole.

What the conservative critics of the reformists within their ranks may be surprised to learn though, is that some of their very idols went against the dogma they’re espousing today. Former British Prime Minister and conservative icon Margaret Thatcher actually raised taxes, violating a major tenet of the current conservative movement. In fact, taxes as a share of the economy increased during her tenure.

images-150In addition, former President Ronald Reagan, a GOP hero, enacted the largest tax increase in four decades, according to Joseph J. Thorndike, the director of the Tax History Project at Tax Analyst. Reagan was able to obscure the increases though by giving them a different name: “revenue enhancements,” which came from closing loopholes in the tax code.

Based on an article by Allen Clifton.  Like Allen, I’ve been amused, saddened and surprised by some of theseimages-149 super-frequent conservative statements that don’t seem to have a lot of thought behind them.

    • The government never does anything for me.”– Said by the person who drove on public roads from their job that provides overtime pay and safe working conditions for its employees, to pick up their children from public school. A job which they got because of their college degree, made possible by federal loans.  Oh, and their drive home was made safe due to a system of well organized traffic signals.  They probably stopped by the post office and the library on their way home, and didn’t get their car broken into while they were in said facilities.
    • “Keep the government out of my health care.”– Said by the person on Medicare, or the full time employee who has never had to pay a health care premium in their life.
    • “FEMA is unconstitutional.”– Said by the person prior to their town, and home, being destroyed by a natural disaster.
    • “I’m for a fiscally responsible government.”– Said by the person who voted for both Reagan and Bush twice.
    • “I’m for small government.”– Said by the person who supports a Constitutional Amendment defining marriage and laws which infringe on a woman’s right to choose.
    • “The Second Amendment keeps the government fearful of its citizens.”– Said by the person who supports spending hundreds of billions more on our defense, which is controlled by the government.
    • “I’m pro-life.”– Said by the person who brags about how often the death penalty is used in their state and who cheered when the government cut Aid to Dependent Children.


  • “I believe in a traditional Constitutional government.”– Said by the person who believes citizens need guns to overthrow government and talks of secession anytime the Constitution supports something they disagree with.
  • “I don’t trust the mainstream media.”– Said by the person who brags about Fox News being American’s top cable news channel.
  • “We need to get back to traditional American values and freedom.”– Said by the person who cites a time in American history when interracial marriage was illegal, segregation was practiced and women were denied equal rights under the law.
  • “The government doesn’t create jobs.”– Said by the person who slams the President for poor job creation.
  • “Muslims are all terrorists.”– Said by the person that thinks all Muslims are from the Middle East and doesn’t realize the largest population of Muslims actually lives in Southeast Asia.
  • “Liberals hate freedom.”– Said by the person attacking liberals for protecting equal rights for gays, women, minorities and religions other than Christianity.
  • “Social Security is Socialism.”– Said by the person whose grandparents live off Social Security.images-147
  • “The recession was caused by Obama.”– Said by the person who believes January 20, 2009 somehow came before all of 2008.
  • “Climate change and the Big Bang Theory are lies from the devil.” – Said the person who read an article by a far right Christian.
  • “Tax cuts create jobs.”– Said the person who can’t explain why with higher taxes we had historic economic growth in the 90′s, and with lower taxes had a historic economic collapse.
  • “We must stop welfare abuse.”– Said the person who has no problem with rich individuals and giant corporations abusing our tax system to pay lower effective tax rates than most middle class Americans.
  • “The United States has the highest corporation tax rate in the world.”– Said by the person that isn’t aware that tax rates and effective tax rates are completely different, which the effective tax rate most American corporations pay is one of the lowest in the world.  (Apple paid zero in taxes last ku-xlargeyear.)
  • “Pregnancy by rape should be seen as a blessing from God”– Said by the person who carries a gun and pepper spray to avoid being raped.
  • “Homosexuality is a choice.”– Said by the person who can’t recall when they chose to be straight.
  • “Same-sex marriage ruins the sanctity of marriage.” – Said by the person who’s been divorced twice and cheated on both spouses.
  • “The minimum wage kills job creation.”– Said by the person who complains about too many people relying on welfare, many of which do so because they only make minimum wage.
  • “The government stifles our rights as Americans.”– Said by the person that’s upset because the government prevented them from denying someone else their rights as an American.
  • “Our nation was founded on the Christian religion as one nation under God.”– Said by the person who can’t find the word “Christianity” anywhere in our Constitution and doesn’t realize that the phrase “Under God” wasn’t added until the 1950′s. enhanced-buzz-6526-1271093915-7

To be fair…check out “to be fair,” for some stupid things Liberals have said.