man your battle stations! Lock and load! (The new Christian rhetoric)

See part 1:  What will happen when the Christian Right takes over See part 2:  The 4 things the Christian Right needs before they can take over Does anyone else remember in the 1980s when the Christian Right (think “Moral Majority”) was obsessed with sex and violence in the media? They campaigned against sex andContinue reading “man your battle stations! Lock and load! (The new Christian rhetoric)”

how the GOP is killing us…

If you’re following politics at all, you’d be forgiven if you came to the conclusion that the Republican members of Congress are insane. What is happening in our country’s politics makes absolutely no sense…that is, until you factor in corporate money (legalized bribery) and rightwing extremism (the Tea Party and a loony-tunes brand of Christianity).Continue reading “how the GOP is killing us…”

after a week of “scandals,” Obama approval rating is up

The Republicans are “outraged.”  Again.  And guess what?  Most people don’t care. A low-level IRS employee in Cincinnati uses the key word “Tea Party” to find applicants for tax exempt status who might be engaging in too much political activity (gasp!)…and suddenly President Obama is “engaged in the worse scandal in American history.” The intelligence agenciesContinue reading “after a week of “scandals,” Obama approval rating is up”

this week in the news…

BENGHAZI – THE MANUFACTURED SCANDAL THAT WON’T GO AWAY Well, there’s now been more hearings on Benghazi than there was on the 9/11 attacks. And would someone ask the Republicans why they didn’t try to impeach Bush after these attacks on U.S. Consulates: January 22, 2002: US Consulate at Kolkata, 5 Killed. June 14, 2002:Continue reading “this week in the news…”

part 2: no matter what you believe about gun control…please watch this.

Click HERE to meet some brave politicians who put the actual lives of their citizens ahead of their own political lives. And meet a typical American member of the elected GOP who says that the most important thing that a politician can do is…wait for it…get re-elected!!! Click HERE for part 1

no matter which side of the gun debate you’re on – please watch this!

Gun control advocates AND opponents – please watch this short clip.  And, those of you who are against background checks and other common-sense strategies – please share your arguments with us again.  I’m just not getting it. CLICK HERE John Oliver goes to Australia to confront the charlatans claiming to have effectively regulated guns, then quicklyContinue reading “no matter which side of the gun debate you’re on – please watch this!”