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images-108This guy thought he was going to die…but his 5-year old daughter saves the day.   Please click here, and enjoy.

Muslim America.


images-53Click HERE for a one-minute video that might punch you in the heart.


do good

Posted: February 15, 2013 in doing good, other stuff
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do_goodDo all the good you can,
   in all the ways you can,
      in all the places you can,
         at all the times you can,
            to all the people you can,
               as long as you can.
                           John Wesley

A personal post today – just to let you all know that I won’t be active on here during the next 1o days (although I will be hosting a couple guest bloggers next week). I’ll be leaving for Africa Saturday morning.

Here’s why:


Elijah age 6


Elijah age 17

This is our son, Elijah, when we first adopted him. Is he not the cutest kid you’ve ever seen? Here he is again – he’s a senior in high school now. What a joy this guy is.

Below are photos from The Hope International School in Liberia (where Elijah is from), a nonprofit that we started 6 years ago with several other like-minded friends. Currently we have over 1,000 children attending school.

Erin and me

This is my daughter Erin and me – we are traveling together on Saturday. I’m staying for a week to check on things, renew relationships, encourage staff and more. Erin is staying for a month! She graduated last year with a degree in photo journalism, and, along with a fellow graduate who will be joining her in a week, will be creating a video/documentary to help us with fundraising. She’ll also be working with several students, teaching them how to use a camera and working with them to create a yearbook for our very first graduating class ever.


Snack time

Kindergarten teacher and kids

Jeanette and her students

100_9915Please send us your thoughts and prayers as we embark on this adventure. And if you feel so moved, please consider a donation to this worthy cause. This project is providing education, health care, clean water and more, and thousands of lives (children and teachers and their families) are being improved. Once we meet our monthly expenditures (around $6,000) we want to start providing a meals program. We are at:


Liberia is America’s daughter country – established during the Monroe administration. Check out their flag!

The faculty


Some of the local neighbors and parents

Schools out!


Part of the senior class. Eric (on the left) wants to be a doctor.


One of the 1st grade classrooms


I know you’re not supposed to have favorites…but I have to be honest – can’t wait to get down there and see this little one again.


10th grade classroom


Everyone wants to touch the “pale man.”


Matthew, my man! (Can’t wait to see him, too.)


26 Moments That Restored Our Faith in Humanity This Year


It’s time for a little perspective.

Click here if you need some good news today.

And this week (pick five):  Renew a friendship; donate a few dollars; speak truth to power; say ‘I care about you’; have dinner and drink wine with a friend or two; play with an animal; make a kid laugh; spend time alone; forgive someone; count your blessings; do an anonymous kindness; hold a baby; write a song, poem or story or make something lovely; be good to yourself.