women are unclean

America was founded as a Christian nation, and, frankly, I’m darn sick and tired of the constant assault on our religious freedoms from the gays, the minorities, and especially the ladies. Yes, you heard me – especially the ladies. What completely chaps my hide is how successful the women-folk have been in dragging us awayContinue reading “women are unclean”

conservative Christians re-write children’s history books…

Another small step toward the creation of a “Christian nation!” In 2010 the Texas Board of Education’s conservative members took another major step toward indoctrinating American’s children toward a more “Biblical” worldview. They decided that it’s about time someone corrected the long-standing liberal bias in education – so they “corrected” the history text books. KeepContinue reading “conservative Christians re-write children’s history books…”

man your battle stations! Lock and load! (The new Christian rhetoric)

See part 1:  What will happen when the Christian Right takes over See part 2:  The 4 things the Christian Right needs before they can take over Does anyone else remember in the 1980s when the Christian Right (think “Moral Majority”) was obsessed with sex and violence in the media? They campaigned against sex andContinue reading “man your battle stations! Lock and load! (The new Christian rhetoric)”

“the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard of…”

The activists pushing the latest Tea Party cause can’t explain how their effort to stop health-care reform could ever possibly succeed. Will they shut down the government? The Tea Party has a new obsession: killing Obamacare by stripping the funding needed to implement the law. Thirteen Republican senators have signed on to the effort, whichContinue reading ““the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard of…””

how congress spends it’s time…

  As the provisions of the Affordable Care Act — referred to as Obamacare for short — begin to come online, congressional Republicans have continued to obsess over repealing the law altogether. The New York Times looked into the numbers on Wednesday and concluded that House Republicans have spent a whopping 15 percent of their time trying to repeal all orContinue reading “how congress spends it’s time…”

what will happen when the Christian right takes over…

This is actually pretty scary…but stoppable.  But please don’t think it can’t happen in America.  It already is a work in progress, and it needs to be resisted. Have you heard of Dominionism?  Or Christian Nationalism?  This is the belief that Christians need to establish a Christian reign on earth before Jesus returns for theContinue reading “what will happen when the Christian right takes over…”

how to deal with politicians who deny science…this is funny!

There are members of Congress who don’t understand or accept basic science concepts. This hilarious video is dedicated to them. Click HERE

you won’t believe WHEN and WHY the Tea Party movement was started

From the article:  While this report is sure to vindicate the many progressives and liberals which have, for many years, argued that the Tea Party Movement was really founded by wealthy industrialists years in advance, let’s hope that it also serves as a wake up call to some members of the Tea Party itself, whoContinue reading “you won’t believe WHEN and WHY the Tea Party movement was started”